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There are currently 1 free personality test to take on this website, and which have been created over a span of 11 months. Over 600,000 people have already taken our free picture personality tests during the last few years. You too can take this wonderful test that is online right now. After completing this test (containing easy picture based questions) you will get an instant and detailed personality profile with over 1200 words describing important areas of your personality in great detail.

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Thank you for liking us and helping us grow so quickly online. Most of our visitors like spreading the word about our picture personality tests since they genuinely feel that the generated reports are a true reflection of themselves. Also, when you press the 'Like' button above you help this site keep these Psychologically created tests free for all.

Each page has only picture based questions and you will learn about certain facets of your personality that were hidden or kept secret from the rest of the world. In fact, you will get to know about certain areas of your persona which you knew existed but never really felt the need to do something about it.

It is important that you take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability so that the processed report will really help you understand yourself more. You will understand your inner personality more and know yourself much better after reading the detailed report generated at the end of each test.

The biggest quality about these picture personality tests are that the processed report is purely based on your own choices. In other words, you are creating your own personality profite. Therefore, these tests have a much higher degree of accuracy than most other similar tests online or offline. How can you be wrong when you are talking about your own life?

Picture personality tests of this kind (with just a few photo based questions) can ONLY be created, designed by a certified professional, and the cost of taking such psychological tests are $50 per test. However, we are offering these picture personality tests for free since we want to help our loyal visitors understand themselves better.

The person who invented these picture personality tests is a qualified Psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience as a professional therapist and counselor online. His name is Savio DSilva (M.S.) and he has created over a dozen such tests which have been taken by over 9 Million people during the last 5 years alone. A lot of research, trial, and efforts have been put into the design and application of these picture personality quizzes designed by him.

The questions asked during each personality test have been carefully selected after hours of in-depth research. The answers are in the form of pictures and each photo selected is based on a particular aspect of your own personality, your current moods, your inner voice, and your own individual choices. You are revealing your hidden personality traits, qualities, and facets when you answer a particular question on these tests.

These tests are completely confidential. Your true identity is never known, nor does a test of this depth require your real name or other personal details about you. Each test is designed to reveal who you really are, and not to insert a name tag on you.

However, since each personality quiz is human created and human taken, the answers revealed in the processed report cannot always be 100% accurate. It is important for you to go through the report carefully, and read every single line word for word. Only then you will understand the reasons for the words listed, and whether they actually are relevant to your own life.

Kindly do not jump to conclusions about these tests after taking them, and apply the given suggestions in the report only after discussing the same with others close to you. Most importantly, it is vital that you feel that the processed report is a genuine reflection of your own true personality.

Millions have loved Savio DSilva's personality tests already. But, if you do not like the processed reports for whatever reason then you may simply close the pages and walk away as if you just wasted a few minutes of your life.

The best part about this test is that it is based on your current lifestyle, brain rhythms, and our own individual choices. You participate in this fun test on your own free will, and you willingly answer the questions using your own mind, and some common sense.

Revisions to the test are made every month, and it would be advisable for you to take the test once again next month so that more hidden aspects of your personality at that time are revealed to you.

Savio DSilva believes that knowledge is power. And, he understands well that knowing yourself better helps you live an extraordinary life. We hope that these tests will not just help you understand yourself more but guide you in achieving your dreams and live the high quality life you truly deserve.

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